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Pro Staff

These are the guys that promote and support Colorado Custom Game Calls. All of these guys have hunting in their background and their blood.

Cody King

Is a Guide/ Outfitter based out of NW Oklahoma... Cody Thrives to get youth and new hunters in the field and Woods. Been hunting waterfowl for 3 years as well as deer and turkey hunt for 19 years.

Nolan Devine

Nolan has been hunting waterfowl for 25 years. and has been is a guide for warbird waterfowl for the last 5 years. He mostly hunts out of the front range of Colorado and is from Windsor, CO.

Cade Hoffman

cade is an overall outdoors man. he has been hunting big game since he was 12 and waterfowl since he was 15. cade also enjoys fishing when ever he can. he is from Wiggins, Colorado


Sheridan Prouse

Sheridan is interesting in all kinds of hunting.  Everything from bucks to waterfowl hunting. he has been hunting for 7 years and 4 years of that has been waterfowl.  His favorite bird is pintails. Sheridan is out of Firth, Idaho. Sheridan is also apart of tines_and_tackle.

Luke Stadelmaier

At age 12, Luke is the youngest of our Pro Staff team! Luke just got into waterfowl hunting the last couple years. Don't be fooled by his age, Luke is an avid sportsman and has hunted and fished more days then most guys 3 times his age. he spent 17 days in a row over his 2017 Christmas break hunting ducks and geese. 

Taylor Ritchie

Taylor was born and raised in Fallon, Nevada but is currently living in Cabot, Arkansas. Duck hunting is his favorite but he truly enjoy all waterfowl. Taylor also enjoys hunting mule deer and coyotes.

Cody Kaker

Cody started hunting when he was little and since going to college has really gotten into it. he has been hunting waterfowl for the past 8 years. he enjoys travailing to other states to hunt. in the off season he is a avid fly fisherman. 

Lisa Anne Chiasson 

Lisa is from Greeley Co, but now lives in South Lyon MI. she has been hunting waterfowl for the past 10 years and she loves to fish. for the past 5 years she gotten into snowshoe rabbits, and spring turkey.  

Jake Erker

Jake is from Roggen, CO. he has been hunting his hole life. he grew up hunting mostly big game but the past 6 years has had an obsession for waterfowl hunting. he a current student at CSU  

Shawn Green 

Shawn has been hunting for 32 years. mostly elk, deer, antelope, and some coyote. he was in hunting camp since he was old enough to walk. Shawn is from Bloomfield, NM but is currently living in Greeley, CO.


Frank Corrente

Frank is From New York, he is a 4th generation hunter mostly for big and small game but just got into waterfowl hunting. he has been hunting since he was 14 years old. 


Jared Mauck

I grew up in the small town of Merino, Colorado, and currently reside in Greeley, Colorado. 

  Hunting, for me was a family affair.  From the point I was old enough, I was tagging along with my father, and grandfather.  The memories made in the field with family are impossible to beat.  I enjoy hunting big game such as Elk, Deer, and Antelope, Upland Game, (mainly pheasants running the German Short Haired Pointer), as well as coyotes.  Coyotes would have to be one of my favorite things to hunt.  They are an extremely adaptive and smart animal, however, just spending time in the outdoors, is my passion.

coyote image.jpg

Tristan Sheteron.


Tristan has been involved in the outdoors since I could walk on my own. I’ve been waterfowl hunting for over 10 years now.  
Tristan is a full time student right now at Ferris State University with an Associates Degree in HVAC-R. My plans are to work in the HVAC industry while pursuing my outdoors lifestyle


 Alex Connour


 Is currently employed in the Army and take a lot of soldiers out hunting and get them back into the sport. I have been duck hunting since I was 12 and have hunted all across America chasing waterfowl.


Bryan Rushton 

Born and raised in Ontario Canada

Avid waterfowl and upland bird hunter. Workaholic, if not working i am hunting! his favorite bird would be a drake woody and drake bufflehead. My favorite hunting partner is my dog Ruger.


Preston Martin 

Preston is from Spata TN. he has been hunting since he was 7 years old. he self tough him self how to call just by listening to ducks and geese. he now has even got is dad into duck hunting. he loves hunting so much when he got married he used shotgun shells as boutonnieres in his wedding. 

Clay Moore


Clay is from the Colorado front range just North of Boulder. I grew up in Berthoud hunting all the surrounding area and then moved to Gunnison for school where it's a hunter/fisher's paradise. A couple of years ago I moved back and now I'm working as an Aerospace Engineer. I love getting in the outdoors whether it be hunting, fishing, riding dirtbikes/horses or doing some photography in my spare time


 Alex Wagner


 lives in Loveland, CO and loves to hunt everything from big game, to waterfowl, to upland, as well as fish.  Alex loves to hunt antelope, deer, and elk. Also pheasant hunting he already has trips planned in Nebraska and Kansas


Drake Pera


I have been hunting ducks for 7 years and love the environment. He lives in southern Idaho and spend all of my weekends hunting or being in the outdoors. 


Luis Leal


his passion for waterfowl hunting extends past the hunt. I am currently a licensed helicopter pilot and am trying to capitalize on my commercial training in scouting for waterfowl around the San Antonio, TX Hill Country area.  I'd like to one day start an aerial waterfowl reporting service between helicopter pilots and the guys looking for migration information.  My dream is to start a reporting service, much like DU reporting, where helicopter pilots can log on make a public report, and be viewed for general information use. I want to help out the DIY guys like myself finding those birds. For now, I'll just fly and report on DU and Facebook

 Cody Gragg


Is owner of SoHo Flight Co. on instagram. a growing page but I’m driven and motivated to grow and succeed. I would like to be able to grow with you all and build together. I have been an avid outdoorsmen all my life but waterfowl is my true passion. I am always trying to better myself as a hunter by learning and talking to many people around me and the different styles and ways they hunt


Devin Jones 

I am a senior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas. My major is conservation law enforcement, with hopes of one day becoming a game warden. I am also currently the vice president of our Ducks Unlimited chapter on campus with close to 80 members and raising $27,000 last year with hopes to bring in more this year.  I want to make a career out of being in the outdoors involved with hunting.


 Kyle Hofmeister


 A Colorado native and die hard outdoors man. I hunt every weekend on public and private land in Colorado, Tennessee, Illinois, and Arkansas. I believe that Colorado has some of the best hunting to offer and love to show off Colorado hunts and products around the U.S. 


David McLevain


 I live in Kentucky but I am currently going to college in IL and I play college football. I grew up on a farm and have enjoyed the outdoors since I was a kid. I first started going hunting with my father when I was five and began harvesting game when I was seven. I first started duck hunting around the age of fourteen and I was instantly hooked. Duck hunting is a huge passion of mine and in fact the upcoming season is what's getting me through the rest of this semester. I also have a 2 year old chocolate lab that goes hunting with me and makes the experiences even greater; his name is Cole. 


 Garrett Drier,


I was born and raised in Colorado near the front range.

I’ve been an avid outdoors man my entire life. Any free time I have is spent hunting or fishing with my younger brother and friends.

 Hunting is more than a lifestyle, it’s an obsession!


Nick Jackson

I decided to start posting on Instagram under @fowllandingoutdoors where I post pics of all things waterfowl. i love hunting waterfowl every chance i get. i have been to Canada a hand full of times and its what i look forward to all year!



 Mackenzie Muncrief


I am in the army and moved to colorado 4 years ago. I've decided to stay in Colorado to open new doors and get more connected into the Colorado waterfowl community.


MayOaks Waterfowl


was founded in Parkersburg, West Virginia by a group of friends that had a passion for waterfowl. Co-founder Kyle Haverty started waterfowl hunting 5 years ago with his father that passed his waterfowl addiction on to him. MyaOaks other Co-founder Garret Butler started waterfowl hunting a short time ago, but has been a passionate outdoorsman since he was little.


Rod Landt

 Is from central Iowa and loves to waterfowl hunt.  I've been hunting for well over 20 years and cant get enough of it.  Being in the outdoors is awesome.  I have a 12 year old son that is getting to experience the same thing that I enjoy and he is loving it as well.  


 Vennessa Jensen


Born and raised in Michigan. she has always had a passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors. she enjoys learning new things and loves the challenge. 


 Nic Burt


Born and raised in Colorado, Nic has been hunting for everything under the sun. but his passion for waterfowl hunting runs deepest. if Nic is not working you can be sure he is in a blind some where! 


 Shannon Rice


has been hunting waterfowl since I was 8 years old and I go just about every weekend. My dad grandpa got me into it and my favorite duck would have to be the Bufflehead.


 Colleen Donohue


living in Lafayette and have a camp in pecan island, Louisiana, Colleen has been duck hunting since she was 3. Colleen has a degree from ULL and loves the challenge of waterfowl hunting!


Masion Kraft 

Maison is from Eaton, Colorado. He is a big time fisherman, but when he is not fishing, he is hunting. He is only 15 years old but has already hunted for dove, deer, elk and waterfowl. Maison loves the outdoors more than anything else.  

Jacob Drake

Jacob was born in Fremont, Mi. he has been a avid waterfowler since he was 5 years old. he also loves fishing, wood working, and two tracking he is also a soldier in the US Army and is stationed in Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs CO.

Kyle Cuckow

Kyle is from Weldona, CO. he has had a passion for hunting since he was 7 years old. for the past 6 years he has been guiding water fowl hunts. 2 years for waterfowl haven outfitters and 4 years for last pass outfitters.   

Austin Thomas

Austin is from St. Joseph MO. he has been hunting for 13 years mostly big game. but after he got out of the marines waterfowl hunting has taken over his life. Austin will do anything to stay out and hunt. 

Michael Emson

Michael is from Arizona where he is a current student at Northern Arizona University. he has had a passion for the outdoors for about 10 years now. in 2016 he was first place for a duck and goose calling contest for 18 and under in Arizona.  

Andrew Holton


 Is a cop in the Denver Metro area.  I've been hunting Pheasant with my dad since I was a little boy and have been hunting waterfowl for the last 5 or 6 years. Bird hunting is my passion. Ducks, geese, pheasant, dove, turkey, During the hunting season you will mostly find me hunting waterfowl on the South Platte or pheasant up in northeastern Colorado. During the off season my passion switches to fishing local lakes and streams for many opportunities colorado has for bass, walleye and trout.


Andrew Schuller


is currently a college student in Nebraska and a waterfowl enthusiast. At college, I am studying business and media production and design in hopes to find work in outdoor related businesses. I have recently created my own outdoor page on Instagram and have high hopes for what it may become.


Cole Rogers


from western OK. While I'm a pretty avid turkey and deer hunter, I've been really seriously waterfowling for about 4 years now. Hunting waterfowl has opened up so many opportunities for new adventures and friendships that I otherwise wouldn't have had. There's so many things that hunting ducks and geese shows you as a hunter that you never would've known otherwise


Matthew Golik


From Northern California and I started hunting when I was 13. I am stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs and have served in the Army for close to 9 years now. When I was younger I first started hunting Turkey and quail, it wasn't until I was 17 that I took my first shot at a duck and after that I was hooked. Besides hunting myself one of my favorite things to do is get new people involved in waterfowl hunting. 


Loren Chewning

Florida born and raised I grew up fishing and I've been bird hunting for the last 15 years.  Now living in the Pacific North West just outside of Seattle. I enjoy duck hunting, but I really love chasing the big honkers. I mainly hunt in Washington and Oregon and travel to Florida to bass and saltwater fish.  I enjoy hunting with my son and over our lab Dixie, she is a bird chasing machine! 


Nathan Ratchman


an avid waterfowler from the state

of Wisconsin. I get out whenever I can. i absolutely love hunting geese 


Clifton Chaney 


known as Clift.  I work for the United States Army in Warren, Michigan.  I am the fielding team lead for the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles (AMPV).  I field the tracked vehicles to Army units all over the world.  I travel a lot for my job and my family. when i am not hunting my favorite thing to do is hunt turkeys in the spring! 

Clift Chaney's Greatest Photo.jpg

Tagen Lambotte

Is from Wichita, Ks where he enjoys everything outdoors but mainly waterfowl hunting.his biggest passion is conservation for wildlife and habitat. he is a junior at Kansas State University where he is studying wildlife ecology and management 


 Jeff Annis

a colorado native growing up on the eastern plains. jeff grew up in a hunting family. starting out with pheasants and quail. jeff later moved on to waterfowl hunting where he found his passion. jeff is an active volunteer in the sterling chapter of delta waterfowl.


 Chase Legg

Chase grew up in Sterling, Colorado and has been hunting upland game his whole life, he found out about waterfowl hunting his senior year of high school. ever since then he has been waterfowl hunting full time!

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