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CCGC Recommend Outfitters /Clubs

Major League Hunts

Five years ago, in Platteville, Colorado, Lucas Gilbreath and Kirk Cavarra, the two founding partners of Major League Hunts, engaged in a thoughtful conversation while sitting in their homemade duck blind on the Vrain River. During their discussion, they expressed their mutual frustrations with the difficulty of finding appropriate hunting properties that allowed for quality hunts. This conversation sparked a determination within Lucas to utilize his future success in the MLB to procure the necessary resources to enhance their hunting experiences. With Kirk’s extensive hunting and guiding background, both Kirk and Lucas started to plan the perfect scenario for hunting; thus, Major League Hunts was born. Today, Lucas and Kirk fulfill this longstanding commitment by leveraging their combined 45 years of experience as guides, managers, and developers of outdoor venues, forming a meticulous approach to overcome common hunting issues. These include identifying viable hunting locations, game sighting, and increasing the success rates of hunts. In light of the contemporary problems encountered by hunters, finding land to hunt on has become increasingly arduous, especially compared to the ease with which prior generations could access so many properties. Time constraints and busy schedules further exacerbate these concerns, hindering hunters from finding the best hunting options.

To this end, Major League Hunts provides a unique approach for their partners and VIPs, addressing all hunting requirements to enhance their overall hunting experience.


Infinite Outdoors

As a member, you can access 320+ private properties covering over 1,000,000 acres for hunting and fishing. You pay a small reservation fee, and a fee for each member of your party. Save the hassle and headache - pay as you go to chase what you want, when you want! Clubs and leases can require thousands of dollars up front. Clubs can charge you additional fees to bring guests. Leases require additional investment in blinds and improvements. Clubs and leases typically focus on only one or two types of game. Ever heard of a hunt club that has hundreds of properties with phenomenal waterfowling, exceptional pheasant hunting, AND world-class trout fishing? We didn’t think so. Don’t limit yourself; when you become a member, the possibilities are infinite!


Wild Goose Chase Outfitters

Wild goose chase outfitters is based out of Goderich ,ON Canada. They offer Waterfowl hunts, Turkey hunts, and fishing trips. be sure to check out there Facebook page for more information! 

Its A Calling Outfitters

"Our Mission at It’s a Calling Outfitters LLP is to provide a hunt that gets game at the end of your barrel by experienced and professional guides while providing an experience that is not only fun but unforgettable. Our many years of hunting for the pure love of the sport has led us to create many relationships with landowners in the northeastern plains of Colorado. Through those relationships, we are able to make this possible. With this, you can expect our guides to expertly set up the spreads to increase the chances of harvesting geese. Along with the knowledge of spreads, we also have skilled goose callers. Come hunt with It’s a Calling Outfitters in Northeastern Colorado for a hunt that’s sure to be one of the best.

IACO b_w large_edited.jpg

Breckenridge Outfitters ( Fishing )

Breckenridge Outfitters is honored to be The 2016 Orvis Shop of the Year and ‘The 2013 Orvis Endorsed Outfitter of the Year’ and one of the most decorated Orvis endorsed Outfitters in the country. We offer year-round guided fly fishing adventures and a full service fly shop in Breckenridge Colorado. We pride ourselves on providing the best knowledge, guidance and equipment to explore the finest fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains. Our guides are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and have all attended the Orvis Endorsement School, and are therefore up-to-date on the latest teaching techniques.

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