Elite Team

This team is the Core Group of guys that make up Colorado Custom Game Calls. From turning the calls, sound testing, or even merchandising, these are the guys that make it happen!

Austin Danley

Austin has been hunting his whole life but discovered his passion for waterfowl hunting nearly 6 years ago. It was a hunting trip with fellow Elite Teammate, Jayson, that sealed the deal! Austin is Co-owner/Founder of Colorado Custom Game Calls.


Aaron Peterson (L) 


Aaron has been hunting waterfowl for 11 years. His experience in waterfowl hunting has help us be successful in the field and on the river. He helps Colorado Custom Game Calls with product sound.

Luis Lao


Luis is from New York. he has been hunting since the he was a kid. he did alot of big game hunting but when he got introduced into waterfowl that all changed. he's hunted the central fly way in Missouri to the salt marshes of long island to the finger lakes of new your state.  luis truly loves waterfowl hunting! Luis helps CCGC in marketing.

  Don Thornock 

Don is the talent behind Colorado Custom Game Calls.  He is our builder and part owner of CCGC. Don has been turning calls for 6 years and hunting big game for 40 years (mostly elk,deer antelope.) He is a true outdoors man!

Tim West


Tim has been hunting waterfowl most of his life. Growing up in Oklahoma and relocating to Colorado in his late teens, he has spent a lot of time chasing ducks,geese,turkeys, and upland game. Tim is The owner of Breckenridge Outfitters. when tim isn't fly fishing in the mountains he is chasing waterfowl.  


Jayson Hunteman


For most of his life, Jayson was primarily a big game hunter.  It was around 6 1/2 years ago that he started getting into waterfowl hunting.  To this day, Jayson is passionate about goose hunting first and foremost. He helps Colorado Custom Game Calls with product sound. 

Joe Thornock

Joe is the youngest member of our elite team. He is the son of team member, Don Thornock.  Joe is a fellow call turner alongside his dad. Joe enjoys hunting for big game and fishing. 

Caleb Knowles


Caleb was born and raised in sterling colorado he has been hunting small game since he was 13. He started hunting waterfowl when he was a freshmen in college and been hooked ever since. Caleb helps CCGC with trade shows, affiliations and marketing .