The Colorado Carnage is our new Canada goose call. Comes with a square ramp style gut system an aluminum wedge and a little bit narrower reed. Come available in 3” barrel lengths. has great range.Comfortable in hands.Lifetime warranty! Free tuning for life! As long as you don’t lose the entire call!

The "Colorado Carnage" Canada Goose Call

Size ( Barrel )
band color
Mouth Opening
  • $0-$15 dollars is $3.50 

    $16-$35 dollars is $7.50

    $36-$100 dollars is $10

    $101-$150 dollars is 12.00

    $150 and over is FREE with in USA

    Canada Shipping is Flate Rate Fee of $25 NO Free shipping 


Austin Danley 

Cell 970-301-8369

Don Thornock

Cell 970-405-9430


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